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(Referred By: Trumer International Berhad)   How to sign-up as merchant?
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Company Name and Registration Number

Company Name
    eg: Bukit Jambul Country Club.
Company Registration #
    Please refer to Membership Eligibility
Trading Name

Company Street Address

Street Address:
Postal Code:
Latitude: eg: 3.079041
Longitude: eg: 101.5759783
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Company Mailing Address

Mailing Address is the address where you would like to receive official business correspondence from TrumerX

Checked this box if your mailing address is same as street address.
Mailing Address:
Postal Code:

Phone, Fax, Mobile Phone, Email and Website

    Your Trading Acct. # and password will be emailed to you upon submission.
Web Site:
    Type in your Company Website address. eg:www.TrumerX.com

Social Media

Facebook: eg: https://www.facebook.com/trumerinternational
Instagram: eg: https://www.instagram.com/trumerinternational
Contact Person Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Job Title:
    Example: Director

Business Nature and Company Profile

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Company Profile
    Your Company Profile is a feature that can help to build your brand online by providing prospective buyers with information about your business.
Mother's Maiden Name:
    This security answer will be used if you forget your password or need help with your account.
User Name:
    You will use this username to login to our Trumer portals. The system will email you your password after you signup.
Confirm Password:
  % Discount:
  TRP Program: I agree to the TRP Program Terms and Conditions
and would like to participate in the TRP Program

By submitting your registration information, you indicate that you agree to the Client Policies, Client Agreement and have read and understand the Privacy Policy, Current TrumerX Programs and Fee Policy. Your submission of this form will constitute your consent to the collection and use of this information and the transfer of this information for processing and storage by TrumerX and its affiliates.

Your Trading Account Number and Password will be emailed to you upon submission.