What is TrumerX?
TrumerX is a trading platform that uses TRM as its transaction Unit. TRM is the abbreviation for TRUMERĀ®.
TrumerX was given the compliance with Payment System Act 2003 in 2011 by Bank Negara Malaysia.
What is TRM?
TRM is deemed a product in the TrumerX system. TRM is used as a 'trading unit' where members and merchants use it to value and exchange their goods or services. This is online Bartering on a multilateral basis. Members can purchase TRM or allowed a credit line in TRM by TrumerX as the case maybe.
How secured is TRM?
Every unit of TRM issued or in the system are secured:
1. By future contracts and/or guarantees of the sellers.
2. By security provided by the buyers.
3. By security provided by Trumer International Berhad against the assets of TIB.
4. By any purchases of TRM and the proceeds kept in the Escrow Account.
What is the value of TRM?
At present, TrumerX have fixed the purchase of TRM using RM at 5. This is RM1 can purchase TRM5 into the account.
How can I exit the system & cash out?
You can use the TRM to buy anything in TrumerX. If you cannot find anything you need, please get in touch with customer service in TrumerX. We will gladly help you to find the products or services you require.
TRM is not E-Money and we are not allowed to act as E-Money, ie to allow you to cash out. However TRM has no expiry date and you can use the TRM at anytime in the future at any merchants/sellers accepting TRM as the trading unit.
Why should I sell & accept TRM?
Everyone will need to buy. So when you sell, TrumerX will extend a credit line to you to even buy ahead. Of course you can only buy from those sellers who are also in the TrumerX Barter system. So indirectly, you are having some credit facilities for your business.
Why should I buy in TRM?
When you sell, you will be given a credit line. Using this credit line, you do not need to use CASH to buy your needs. Of course, you can also use cash to purchase anything should your credit line be insufficient.