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How does TrumerX work?
TrumerX allows businesses to trade or barter online. Unlike traditional bartering practices, you do not need to search for someone who is willing to trade. Instead, Trumer Members and/or Merchants can simply list their items on the site, assigning TRM and/or xRM value to each item, which is equivalent to the actual price of the good or service (TRM1 and xRM1 = RM1).
Once a Trumer Member’s and/or Merchant’s items are sold, their account is credited with TRM. TRM can then be used to purchase any items listed on the site, giving them thousands of products and services to choose from. TrumerX even allows Trumer Members and/or Merchants to open a line of credit so that they do not have to wait until they sell an item before making another purchase.
Besides having access to a wide array of products, services and large pool or consumers, Trumer Members and/or Merchants also get to enjoy:
  • Increased sales, market share, and brand awareness
  • Open marketplace for products and services
  • Dedicated marketing and technical support
  • Business directory listings
  • Live account information
  • Monthly account statements

See Transaction Fees And Policy

What can TrumerX do for your business?
TrumerX offers much more than just a virtual marketplace. We embrace the "bricks-and-mortar" strategy that blends the best practices of B2B and B2C barter with an e-commerce solution. Trumer Members and/or Merchants can trade online or with the personal assistance of an experienced Trade Broker. Through TrumerX, Trumer Members and/or Merchants can also:
  • Attract new sales.
  • Put your products and services in front of a whole new market, at no additional cost to your business.
  • Increase your cash flow and profits while offsetting cash expenditures.
  • All items are listed at retail cost, allowing Trumer Members and/or Merchants to garner actual sales.
  • Increase your market share.
  • TrumerX sales often lead to actual cash orders through member or merchant referrals.
  • Sell surplus inventory or fill excess capacity for your business.
  • TrumerX lets you decrease inventory, fill up vacant reservation space or compensate for off-seasons when products and services often go unused.
  • Sell throughout the Asian Region and also other parts of the world at a fraction of the cost of offline expansion.
  • TrumerX serves as an online e-commerce site for all Trumer Members’ and/or Merchants’ businesses. Local companies achieve an instant worldwide presence when they list their goods and services on the TrumerX site.

So what can you buy on TrumerX?
Anything at all. Browse through all our categories listed on the site to see just how much we have to offer.

How to complete a transaction?
As soon as you become a Trumer Member and/or Merchant, you are ready to start buying and selling. TrumerX gives you two easy ways to complete a transaction:
  • Online Authorisation System
  • When an offer is received from its listing in TrumerX, the seller could be able to conduct the authorization online. TrumerX will issue an authorization number if the Trumer Member and/or Merchant is of good standing. Once the authorization is authorized or processed, TRM is guaranteed to be transferred into the account of the seller.
  • Through trade brokers
  • Buyers could also be able to obtain authorization through the personal assistance of an experienced trade broker. Both parties must also agree upon shipping arrangements before the transaction is completed. All transactions are to be completed within seven (7) business days. All online transactions go through a secure server with encryption software to ensure optimum security.

Increase Your Client Base
By trading through TrumerX, you open your doors to a whole new group of potential consumers and buyers with minimal investment. Business that routinely barters for goods and services look for a way to trade for their needs first. So, your willingness to trade products or services motivates them to transact with you instead of a company that does not participate in TrumerX.

TrumerX Fees
See Transaction Fees And Policy

Member Services
Trade brokers are provided for all Trumer Members and/or Merchants. Their role is to help with purchases, promoting merchandise and services, as well as maximising TRM. Trumer Members and/or Merchants will also receive TrumerX E-Membership Cards. Accepted by all Trumer Members’ and/or Merchants’ businesses, TrumerX E-Membership Card is similar to real-life credit cards, allowing you to make offline purchases at various restaurants, hotels, stores and offices, which are listed as a Trumer Merchant. In addition to purchasing products and services, technical support and assistance are also readily available.
Becoming a Trumer Member and/or Merchant is easy. To start using TrumerX right away, simply register online or call us to conduct an offline registration.

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