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Capital and Finance Consultancy Services Trumer Capital Consultancy Sdn Bhd (TCCSB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trumer International Berhad. TCCSB specializes in the provision of TRM credit within the TrumerX ecosystem, as well as corporate advisory services. Our team of corporate consultants have extensive experience in corporate finance, corporate restructuring, strategic planning and financial management. The following is a detailed list of services that TCCSB provides. 1. TRM credit levels: a. Providing TRM credit extensions to TrumerX members for specific purposes. b. Developing equitable forward sales and other security contracts for TrumerX members. 2. Strategic Corporate Planning which encompasses advisory services in the following areas: a. Business Planning. b. Marketing. c. Corporate and Organizational Structure. d. Capital Structure. e. Debt Restructuring. 3. Documentation services, including: a. Business Plan writing. b. Prospectus writing. c. Writing for due diligence documentation and official submissions. d. Corporate copy-writing.




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