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First Login to your TrumerX account. Go to your Manage My Listings. There you will see the products listings starting with DS. These are the products offered by Direct Sellers to be sold by you. Only the Direct Sellers can make any changes to this product listing. You will not be able to make any amendments to this listing. Direct any enquiries to the Hotline in TrumerX ie 0166115134 via whatsApp.

Click on your DS……0001 listing. Trumer Nano Hydrosol 10 Nasal And Oral Irrigation. Click on the volume pricing, 1 sells at 65RM. 2 sells at 55.25 per bottle. 3 sells st 52 per bottle. These are the sale prices that you are selling, your friends are buying.

Next Click on commission. You will see that for 1 to 49 bottles, you will be rewarded with 20%. From 50 to 99, you will be rewarded with 25%. Above 100, you will be rewarded with 30% from sales.

To understand the above products, click on “View Online Store”. You will see all the products that are listed in your account.

Understand these products. In particular, the Direct Sellers would have indicated the uses of the products in the product listing page. Such as “check out here” or “uses of NCS”.

These niche products would be needed by all your friends, either for their health or well being.

Click on the products that you want your friends to buy. Copy the URL of that product link.

Forward these links to all your friends/loved ones to buy these products. They need to login to TrumerX to purchase. Should your friends not be TrumerX members yet, they will have to register with TrumerX to purchase these products. You can just forward your referral link to them to sign up, or get them to include your member ID in the comments box, when they register. You will then get 10TRM for every new member signed up.

Any quantities of the products bought by them, you will earn the rewards according to the offers by the Direct Sellers, as in the commission above.

The delivery charges are also graduated, the more your friends buy, the cheaper the delivery charges. These are indicated in the “Delivery Methods” in the product listing. The more they buy, the more rewards you will get, according to the “Commission” indicated.

Any rewards payable to the Sellers will be indicated in the Payable Balance, in your RM Account Summary. All rewards will have the total amount added until the cut off date as follows: a) from the 1st. to the 15th. of the month and b) from the 16th. to the end of the month. Payments of a) will be remitted by the 20th. of the month and b) will be remitted by the 5th. of the following month to the bank account of the Sellers.

When your friends buy these products, you will be rewarded according to the rewards indicated. All administrative and logistics protocol are executed by the Direct Sellers. You just sell and get the rewards. The Direct Sellers will arrange the delivery of the products as indicated. You just keep on receiving rewards for any sales that you made using your link. It is as simple as ABC. Put these links in your social media, WhatsApp, Telegram, even YouTube, TikTok as well so that your friends in the social media world can buy using your links as well. Anyone who buys using your link, you will be rewarded.

Direct Sellers

Why do you need the TrumerX Dropshipper & Reseller Program?

1. Marketing Costs: When you are in this program, you have all TrumerX members as your sales agents who are only paid when sales are made. Your direct marketing costs are controlled.
2. Products Quality: Your product quality are controlled by you. You are delivering the products from your premises.
3. Sellers Credibility: By using TrumerX Dropshipper & Reseller Program, you do not need to worry about the credibility or trustworthiness of the Sellers. The Sellers are your performance based sales agents.
4. Payment Guarantee: Buyers’ payments are made directly from TrumerX to the Direct Sellers and only the rewards of the Sellers are credited to the Sellers.

How do I start using TrumerX Dropshipper & Reseller Program?

First list the products you need to sell in the normal way. First login to your TrumerX account. Then proceed to Manage My listings. Then create the listing as required.

Next contact TrumerX via customerservice@trumerX.com or their Hotline 0166115134 via WhatsApp.

TrumerX will then contact you to process your application, once approved with the Terms and Conditions, your indicated products will then be available to be sold by all Sellers in the TrumerX platform. You will be able to see these products in your Online Store.

The T&C will include the rewards to the Sellers, Wholesale Pricing, graduated delivery charges as well.

Once these are uploaded, any changes to the listing have to be requested by the Direct Sellers to TrumerX. Once approved, the amendments will be executed by TrumerX. Direct Sellers will not be able to make any amendments to the listings. Only TrumerX can make any amendments as requested by the Direct Sellers.

All administrative and logistics execution has to be performed by the Direct Sellers. Any non performance by the Direct Sellers will cause the listed products to be removed immediately from TrumerX platform.

Payment due to the Direct Sellers, after deducting for fees charged by TrumerX and rewards paid to Sellers, will be shown here at the Payable Balance in the Account Summary RM. These payments will be paid to the Direct Sellers bank account 2 days after delivery has been confirmed received by the buyers.