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What is TRM?
TRM, the abbreviation for TRUMER™, is the transaction unit used to record the value of goods and services traded on the TrumerX platform. The value of TRM1 is equivalent of the amount of xRM1, which is the unit of the local currency as per the value fixed by TrumerX.
TrumerX is the present and future barter system that uses TRM for trading of goods and services, without the use of cash. Barter has been a widely accepted business practice around the world for centuries. By combining the ancient practice of trading or exchanging goods and services with modern technology (ie: the Internet), TrumerX has become the easiest and smartest way of doing business.
Today, this time-honoured practice of barter is an extraordinary yet successful financial business tool.
According to an article in CFO magazine, the International Monetary Fund estimates that 8% of worldwide trade is conducted through non-cash transactions whereas the International Reciprocal Trade Associations has valued worldwide barter to be US$65 billion.
In fact, in the US alone, other researchers have estimated barter to be able to garner approximately US$16 billion a year. With the advent of Internet, barter system is expected to continuously expand.

Barter in the Business Sense
Bartering has always been a great business sense. It saves cash, net full value for idle goods as well as services and significantly expands your customer or consumer base. In the past, there were drawbacks and restrictions - businesses struggled to find trading partners that matches their timing, needs and value requirements.
An organized barter through an exchange such as TrumerX resolves the problem of one-to-one trading or exchange. It allows you to sell what you have in order to buy what you need, all with a common transaction unit, TRM and xRM. Trading through TrumerX allows you to conduct your barter trade on a multilateral basis.
Here are some of the reasons why barter may work for your organization:

  • Sell What You Have, Buy What You Need
    Have extra inventory? Want to make use of unused staff time? When you barter or conduct an exchange at TrumerX, you can use what you already have to get what you need. TrumerX is not the traditional one-to-one barter or exchange, but a network of a vast business community connected online (via www.TrumerX.com) and offline to exchange goods and services with TRM and xRM.
    When you sell to one business, you can purchase from your choice of other businesses on the exchange.Besides TRM,TrumerX also recently introduced the use of TRM + xRM in the TrumerX network. If a product or service is listed under TRM + xRM or if you have insufficient TRM, you can now pay the required balance in cash in your local currency (denoted as xRM) through the payment gateway provided.

  • Conserve Cash and Increase Profits
    Most businesses, especially smaller and newer ones, go through periods of limited liquidity. At TrumerX, you can sell idle or excess inventory or staff time at full retail value. With the TRM and xRM you earn, you can make the necessary investment to grow your business, even when cash reserves are low. Also, by bartering or exchanging on TrumerX, you can reduce discounting and wastage.

  • Increase Your Client Base
    By trading through TrumerX, you open your doors to a whole new group of potential consumers and buyers with minimal investment. Business that routinely barters for goods and services look for a way to trade for their needs first. So, your willingness to trade products or services motivates them to transact with you instead of a company that does not participate in TrumerX.

  • Build Customer Loyalty
    Just like any other consumer that has purchased from you for years, when a consumer has an active history of trading goods and services with you, a close bond will be formed.